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Our mission is to keep your lucky horse comfortable and safe.

When entrusting your blankets to us, please understand that all blankets will be washed and small repairs will be conducted routinely. If we discover excessive repairs are required, we will contact you with an estimate.

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Starting November 1st, by appointment only!

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At Luckyhorse we use industrial washing machines that are equipped to handle both the size and the amount of dirt found in horse blankets.


Hood/Neck Cover - $6.00
Small (3lbs and under) - $19.00
Mid (4-7lbs) - $24.00
Large (8-12lbs) - $27.00
Extra Large (13lbs and over) $30.35

What do we wash with?

We use sodium percarbonate, an oxidizing agent that is completely safe for humans and horses. It is often found in things like toothpaste or other body care products.  

How does it work?

When water is introduced, sodium percarbonate turns into hydrogen peroxide which is great for getting out tough stains and sodium carbonate, also known as washing soda or soda ash. Tough oily stains are easily broken down and released from the fabrics due to sodium carbonates alkaline nature.

Is it safe and fragrance free?

Sodium Percarbonate is fragrance free and leaves no residues in the many layers of batting and fabric in horse blankets. This makes it safe for horses with even the most sensitive skin.

Where's the proof?

This stuff works like magic, and enables us to transform dirty stinky blankets into like new blankets. Check out our instagram for before and after pictures!

Can you wash my dog bed?

Yes! We can wash your dog bed or dog bed cover and just about anything else you wouldn't want to wash in your home machine.


Your blankets are treated with Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish when they're first made.  This makes the water bead up and fall away.

Overtime with exposure to dirt, abrasion, and UV rays, this DWR needs to be cared for or reapplied.


Hood/Neck Cover - $3.00
Mini Blanket - $10.28
Pony Blanket - $14.28
Regular Blanket - $16.28

How does Luckyhorse re-waterproof blankets?

We use a Durable Water Repellant finish that is designed to be applied to wet blankets and then is set on low heat during the drying cycle. The DWR we use meets all current safety and environmental regulations.

Does washing my blanket remove the waterproofing?

Actually, it is the complete opposite. In order to refurbish waterproof finishes it is important to wash away dirt and reactivate the DWR finish by applying low heat.

How do I know if my blanket needs waterproofing?

Simply sprinkle some water on the blanket surface. Does it bead up and slide away? You're good to go!

If it sinks in and darkens the fabric, it's time to waterproof again.

Luckyhorse recommends re-waterproofing at least every other season with medium to light use. If you always blanket your horse, we recommend waterproofing every season.

Why do my newer blankets seem to have less effective waterproofing?

As waterproofing finishes have evolved, they've also improved from an environmental standpoint.  However, there is a trade off.  Environmentally more friendly DWR finishes are also slightly less durable.  This makes regular washing and even more important to maintaining your blanket's performance.


It's amazing what horses can do to their blankets... or more appropriately it is amazingly frustrating! 

At Luckyhorse, we never claim to have seen it all, but we can repair just about anything you bring our way.


Price varies based on repairs required.

Most repairs vary from $5 to $15

Leg Straps - $7.00
Butt Straps - $6.00
Belly Straps - $7.88

Sewing Machines

We use industrial sized machines that are strong enough to sew through all the layers of even the most fluffy blanket and are also big enough to maneuver the most enormous and unwieldy blankets.

Our sewing machines are actually designed to sew sailboat sails and leather, thus making them perfect for horse blankets.  The stitches are strong and designed to last.


Blankets are an investment and we want to ensure they last as long as possible.  This means that our repairs need to hold up in the sun, dirt, and whatever else your horse can dream up.

We use bonded polyester thread designed to resist damaging UV rays and hold up to daily wear and tear.

Hardware and Webbing

It's amazing what a horse can do to a surcingle, but don't count your blanket lost! Luckyhorse has surcingles, snaphooks, slides and d-rings to repair any missing, bent, or broke hardware.

We use bonded polyester webbing to resist dry rot and damage from the sun and dirt when replacing belly straps.

Leg straps and butt straps

We can replace those too! If you want a few extra to have on hand, just let us know and we can add them to your invoice!


Don't be afraid that your blanket is too dirty. We get blankets caked with Virginia red clay, dirt, and other unmentionables! Our washing machines are tough and can handle it all.


You can hardly tell it is the same blanket, but we guarantee you it is. Getting baked on dirt and grime off blankets is critical to their longevity. No blanket is too dirty to bring back to life.

Service Request Form

Use the link below to print a service request form for each of your bags.  Ensure you make a selection for waterproofing and repair needs, if this is left blank your blanket will only be laundered.

If you have trouble downloading the form, just inclue a piece of paper with your name, email, phone number, blanket descriptinos, and requested services.

Service Request Form Download - CLICK HERE!


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