Please call before coming to pick up finished blankets, 804-271-0000. Drop off blankets 24/7 in the dropbox and include a follow me card.

It's nearly winter time, but we are here for you!


Blanket Laundering

Hood only - $11.50

Small (3lbs and under)- $19.00

Mid (4-7lbs) - $24.00

Large (8-12lbs) - $27.00

Extra Large (13lbs and over) $30.35


Hood only - $8.28

Mini Blanket - $10.28

Pony Blanket - $14.28

Regular Blanket - $16.28

*We will test your blanket prior to applying waterproofing.


We can repair just about any blanket tears, rips, or hardware issues.  Price varies based on how long it takes to repair. 

Most repairs vary from $4.50 to $10.50

Replacement leg strap, butt straps, belly straps are $7.88

Please call or email us if you have any questions about particular repairs. or 804-271-0000


Our sewing and washing machines are strong enough to handle just about anything!

We also repair and wash these items

- Dog beds

- Boat covers

- Bridles

- Boots

- Just ask!

Follow Me Card

Use the link below to print a Follow Me Card for each of your bags.  Ensure you make a selection for waterproofing and repair needs, if this is left blank your blanket will only be laundered.

Follow Me Card